Tabby, Pictures and Rainbows

Today, a strange cute tabby cat appeared on my balcony.  I live on the first floor so this isn’t incredible but many different things went through my mind when I saw this cat.  My first urge was to let it in; it’s a little chilly outside.  I don’t want the little thing to get cold…but the pet policy at my apartment is ridiculous so I decided against that.  Then I felt that I should feed it, but then it would keep coming back.  Another bad idea.  So I decided to leave it alone and let it meow meekly while it watched me meditate.  Then I saw it use the baby seat on the balcony as a scratching post and rest area, which I thought was pretty funny, especially since the baby seat isn’t mine.  (Sorry Serg!  If I could’ve prevented it I would have!)

Now, in an effort to use this tool more efficiently, I will attempt to add some pictures…

Perfect lake for a refuge tree 😉

Sweet!  Let’s try another…

One of the most beautiful places in the world


Woah! That’s seriously nice. 

Alright, I’m satisfied 🙂

In conclusion, the following blurb was inspired by Heather:

Summary of part of last night’s conversation: Everything is happier when surrounded by rainbows, unless you are a leprechaun, because one would always get the urge to put gold at the ends of all of those rainbows.  One would have to be a really rich leprechaun to find happiness in that.


First Blog Ever

I was inspired to start this blog by my friend Serg.  His blog is great by the way; check it out at

I don’t really have a goal for this blog other than being as random as possible.  I should probably set some short term goals like, “post something once a day” or, “keep this up until at least the end of this semester”.  Both of those sound good because I know that I will find an excuse to stop doing this by tomorrow….But hey, if you’re willing to put up with this random junk, good for you!  I’ll try to write something intelligible…tomorrow.