I’ve been in a funky mood the past few days (for pretty stupid reasons) and it’s funny that I can correlate it to something exact.  I decided to skip meditation one morning and then EVERYTHING went downhill.  I couldn’t concentrate in class; an email from my father upset me; everybody seemed to annoy me; I didn’t want to do the things I normally do…Man i was having some crazy thoughts during those dark times haha.  But everything seems to be getting better now that I’ve created more space.  Funny, funny thoughts…and what’s really great about this exact moment is I’m lounging around, totally comfortable, with Dave Matthews in the background and a beautiful boy on my mind 🙂

Perfection is attainable; it just requires some work-Buddha paraphrase 😉


I knew it!

HaHa A couple of posts ago I said that I would come up with an excuse to not keep up with this blog…I know myself so well 😉

So almost a month since my last post, I figure I will try again.  A month after coming back from Russia, I finally get around to cleaning my room and washing all of my clothes.  Let’s just say I found a few surprises in the process…but in the end I am rewarded with space!  It’s nice.  I think a clear physical space around me helps me think clearly.

Lots of things to do before Thursday, then I go to Minneapolis! Yay more snow 🙂


I was in my pajama’s until 2 in the afternoon today. I don’t have class until 3:30 so it’s great to have this option available…for the first time in my university career actually.  I also spent 2.5 hours talking to a friend about Russia (among other things; we are both pretty scatter-brained so the conversation never stayed on Russia for long).  After this conversation I was literally in a daze and wandered around my apartment wondering what to do next…Well after this snag in time I should probably make my day more productive (but wait—-time doesn’t exist!)…Soo much to doo…And this post title has a very vague link to what I’m actually talking about.  (If you really want to find out what I’m referencing, check out my facebook pics).  This part of my day was unique so it showed up here.  Now I need to make the rest of my day as un-,dis-,il-,not-unique as possible so that I have nothing else to talk about today.