Feelin’ Groovy

Simon and Garfunkel really speak to me right now.  My first phone interview ever went amazingly well.  I’m almost guaranteed an internship position this summer.  After that wonderful experience, I decided to be lazy for the rest of the day.  In fact, I haven’t changed out of my pajama’s all day haha.  That’s probably sad in a way, but I don’t do it often and I surprisingly got some work done! Anyways, I was thinking about the whole being in a relationship thing and decided that I really don’t want to be shackled to anybody haha.  I mean, I’m open to having a boyfriend but  [pause-time to dance] I like being free too much to think of it as anything more than “fun with somebody special”.  No thinking about how long it’s gonna last; no thinking about the future with this person…I only want to have fun now; I don’t care what happens later.  No need to think about love.  It will happen if the conditions are right.  But who cares if it doesn’t?  Arrgh no need for shackles mate just pass me the rum! 😉


Sleeping like a rock

I won’t wake up for anything it seems.  This morning I felt like my alarm went off for an hour and I just kept pushing snooze.  It’s not too big a deal.  I didn’t miss out on anything important; it would just be incredibly useful if I had that extra time to get some work done instead of laying in bed…Oh well, it’s just something I need to work on.  A couple of other things I need to work on: looking forward to the future so much I forget to stay present and confidence in new situations.  I’m badass and a pretty strong person; there’s really no need to get nervous so much…

Happy and rested 🙂

Ahh Here we go again

Disturbing emotions…Annoyance at myself for getting super nervous about speaking in front of the group tonight and disappointment because someone didn’t show up for the meeting tonight.  Ridiculous feelings to feel down about, so let’s keep in mind that they are just mind’s free play and it’s the ego that doesn’t like it. Right ego?  Haha feeling better already.  Now to slam dunk this wonderful Tuesday!  and especially keep in mind that I should trust in space 🙂

Oh and I’m listening to N’Sync right now…I know, I know, I’m just in a boy band mood 😛

Lazy Sundays

I’m loving the Sundays that are filled with meditation, successful geocaching, and dinner…with beautiful brown-eyed boys 🙂

The next week is filled with deadlines, workouts, meditation, the usual with hopefully a few extra fun things and people added on 😉

Right now it’s time for some light work, reading, and an early wakeup in the morning. 

I learned a new cool quote today that I hope I put down right: “If there weren’t space between the notes there would be no music.”


Beautiful Boys

So there’s this Latino boy I’ve known for awhile who came to a party I hosted a few nights ago.  Before that night I always thought he was attractive but thought nothing of it, but the night of the party something changed…I felt really attracted to him and found out later that the feeling was mutual.  Now we are in that awkward getting to know each other stage that I love for some reason, but of course like with every other guy my impatience has already kicked in.  I want him to see and call me as soon and as often as possible,  but I’ve come to realize there’s no reason to feel that way.  If something is going to happen it will happen and it will be wonderful regardless of the outcome.  No need to rush or to dwell.  As Mr. Tolle would say, use the inner body to create that space that negates conflict (not his exact words but what I gather from them).  So instead of watching the phone or fantasizing, I will concentrate on the task at hand and suggest a nice way to hang out tomorrow 🙂


I want to serve as an inspiration for others.  Boredom and fear are wastes of time.  Everything is amazing and waiting to be experienced.  There’s no time to waste; the time is now.  Do what you love and do it well.  There is so much to learn, see and do.  Have fun!

Ahhh procrastination

I’ve been procrastinating a lot lately.  I officially finished a five page paper that was due today an hour before I had to go to campus and I haven’t even started studying for the test I have tomorrow.  I have plenty of time but I really need to get on top of my school things…

No worries though