South America

Right now I’m listening to an Argentine TV station live online because my Spanish teacher said it will help us learn.  I can hear the words she is saying but I understand very little.  What I am understanding are the comments via facebook that the argentine people are writing as they listen.  The president of Argentina (a woman btw) is talking in Congress about I’m sure some really important stuff and the facebook comments mostly contain words like “hipocrita” and “mentirosa”.  I know those words.  There was even one that said something along the lines of “genocide from the malnourished children”.  It’s very interesting to read these comments while the president is speaking.  It’s making me wish that I could understand more Spanish and that I knew a little more about Argentina.  Do Americans have this freedom to speak so bluntly about their president without being suppressed by someone?  I’m not so sure about this…

Before signing into my blog today one of those topics on the main page was something like, “Is looting still looting after a natural disaster?”  I think that it depends on what they are stealing.  If they’re stealing TVs and iPods then yes that is looting; if they are stealing water and food because potable water is nonexistent and there is no support in sight, then that is survival.  The earthquake in Chile comes to mind.  I know the potable water system was destroyed in some places, and the last time I checked there was a 400 death count.  It’s funny how I notice these disasters more now that I’m taking a class about them…


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