Beautiful Boys

So there’s this Latino boy I’ve known for awhile who came to a party I hosted a few nights ago.  Before that night I always thought he was attractive but thought nothing of it, but the night of the party something changed…I felt really attracted to him and found out later that the feeling was mutual.  Now we are in that awkward getting to know each other stage that I love for some reason, but of course like with every other guy my impatience has already kicked in.  I want him to see and call me as soon and as often as possible,  but I’ve come to realize there’s no reason to feel that way.  If something is going to happen it will happen and it will be wonderful regardless of the outcome.  No need to rush or to dwell.  As Mr. Tolle would say, use the inner body to create that space that negates conflict (not his exact words but what I gather from them).  So instead of watching the phone or fantasizing, I will concentrate on the task at hand and suggest a nice way to hang out tomorrow 🙂


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