I can’t concentrate.  All I want to do is eat junk food and fall asleep.  Why do I want to be so lazy?  What if I just skipped everything and went to bed now and just pushed everything I have to do until tomorrow?  Then I would be skipping a few workouts, which I really don’t want to do…Sheesh, there is only 2 class days left and then finals.  Surely I can pull out that last bit of constructiveness I have in me…Is that even a word? 

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, seeing the boy and hopefully being super productive…This is the first relationship I’ve been in where I don’t feel guilty about sending several texts back to back, often about random subjects…It’s really nice 🙂

And now I’m even getting bored with writing today’s blog.  Time to find something to do…


shalalalalala Live for Today

Ah one of the many songs that spoke to me today…and after almost 3 years of being technically single, I’ve come across a guy whom I thoroughly enjoy being with and whose feelings are reciprocated…well I don’t know if his heart flutters and melts like mine, but I assume there’s reciprocation by the things he says. 🙂

‘Nuff said


That letter has been taking up a huge part of my life lately.  What is up with my body feeling like it needs to hibernate all of a sudden?  Well, I could come up with a few reasons…but I seriously need to get out of my room soon.  I really want to make somebody ride their bike with me and go geocaching, but I don’t know if anybody will react so well to that force.  I know somebody who might…last night he told me he would marry me if he weren’t gay haha.  I ❤ that boy.  Jethro Tull has never been so appealing as he is now.  I never realized how many songs he mentions jungle animals in; it’s pretty funny.  Anyways, I have an awesome looking week ahead of me!  Huge project due on Tues, cool events going on Wed and Thurs and the Geo alumni reunion on Saturday!  There’s nothing better than hangin out with a bunch of eccentric geographers! 😀

Alone but not lonely

Right now I’m watching a program about the Buddha on alone in my room and of course I am contemplating some things while watching it (not exactly in the Now but I figure I should just let my thoughts out). 

I seem to be by myself a lot and I’m ok with that but I also wish there were more opportunities to share my time with others.  I try to create those opportunities but I’m not always successful. 

I wonder if it’s so weird that I want to live in many different places, never stay in one place for very long.  Is this fear or boredom?  Or am I just one of the few willing and able to explore and experience constant changes?  I don’t know…

The mind is as restless as a monkey.  Who you are and what you think of as yourself is constantly changing…like a river.

All I feel like doing today is curling up with a book, but I know I will become restless with that and I have many other things to do.

Right now I feel like Buddha looking for answers and not finding them and impatient to do so…



About to leave for the Ken Robinson lecture so I’ll keep this short and sweet: