I’m so tired

I don’t know what to do; I’m so tired, my mind is set on you…Ah the Beatles, there is always at least one song that fits my mood.

I feel like there is so much I need to do.  I need to get out of my current lease; they are giving me a hassle about it since I renewed early, but my current lease doesn’t end until July 31, so just let me go!  Then I need to sign a new lease for next year…I also need to finalize the living situation for the summer since I’ll be gone.  I need to clean and start moving out stuff to make it easier on my parents when they move into my new place without me….

A few finals are coming up on Thursday and more next week.  I need to finish this semester strong.

I need to buy some equipment for this summer.  I can’t believe I leave for Virginia in less than two weeks.  It will be oh so nice to camp and do manual labor the whole summer, but I will be missing the company of a few special ppl…

I just need to get everything done in the next few weeks and it will be smooth sailing after that.  Almost through…


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