Well it’s not a surprise how drunk I got on my 21st bday.  Some bars offered free drinks and I was with excellent company!  I remember everything up to leaving the last bar, which is awesome because it means I didn’t embarrass myself in front of strangers, only in front of close friends haha I was told later that I cried because I wanted to be a better person (I think that thought always lingers on my conscience).  I’m not really surprised that I cried.  My summer was quite stressful at times and I needed a good cry…I also puked which I’m glad I don’t remember.  My boyfriend stayed sober and took care of me which I’m very thankful for.  I still had the spins the morning after so I just lounged around on my bed all day watching TV on my computer and drinking tons of water.  I’m so glad school hasn’t started yet so I have this opportunity to be lazy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today was our first official work skills day.  I think we were learning new things for about 11 hours.  We did the tread and drainage work skills set.  First we learned about the corridor for hikers.  It should be 4 ft by 8 ft.  (insert illustration here)

For equestrian it should be 8 ft by 10 ft (insert illustration here)

This means just clearing the area outside the trail so its open but still natural and as if we weren’t there.  Then we learned about drainage structures.  You can either make an earthen structure called a grade dip or you can use logs or rocks.  It basically looks like this: (insert illustration here)

Make aesthetically pleasing and as if it was never worked on.  Cut roots so it doesn’t catch debris and scatter leaf litter to camouflage.  Only use mineral soil for the earthen structure.  After constructing the drainage structures, we constructed a rock footpath across the stream, used a draw knife to strip the bark off a tree and cached our tools in the woods.  Then we ate a wonderful supper and learned to tie 11 knots and hitches!

1. Clove Hitch-Cross and under/2. straight on lap, cross hands, line up

3. Top Line Hitch-2 to the tree, 1 to me

4. square knot-left over right, opposite

5. fisherman’s knot-2 pretzels (simple knots) side by side

6. simple Figure 8-Bend (loose end to right), hand through, pull through

7. Double figure 8-just like climbing knot/8. like simple except rope is doubled

9. Bowline knot-make a hole on the inside with ‘tree’ on bottom, rabbit comes out of hole, behind tree and back into the hole

10. Truckers knot-Bowline knot to one object, make a bend, twist it twice, pull loose end through.  Wrap loose end around some other object and pull through bend.  (2:1 leverage). Simple bend to finish off

11. Butterfly knot-Wrap 3 times around hand. Pull finger end all the way over; Repeat and pull under and towards fingers.  Tighten.

Thursday May 20, 2010

Today we learned stuff about 9 hours.  New tread has an outslope to prevent standing water; Backslope has a 45 degree angle of repose; and downslope.  Aesthetics is important! Also, an oreo race occurred.


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