Itching to camp

I have a brand new tent that I need to bust out soon!  We were going to go this wknd, but my lack of reserving a site ahead of time led to a postponement.  It might be a good thing since I have lots of stuff to do.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today we were set up with the task of brushing and hinging the whole trail.  Lets just say we failed to do that.  We also failed to do anything with drainage.  With the extra hour to our day we did get a sizable amount of work done though.  I’m very tired from walking the whole mountain top to bottom.  Another thing that happened today: KC didn’t find out if he’s getting a tax return; they still haven’t contacted him.  I’m a bit disappointed at that.  I went through obscene measures to get that message and I still didn’t get an answer…*sigh* Oh well, I’ll get over it soon enough.  I still hope he’s able to mke it though.  I’m tired of hangin out with my crew all the time.  I need something to help me last the rest of the summer…

Saturday June 19, 2010

All Laura and I did today was brush.  We made it almost to the directional arrow.  I sure hope we can finshh Bogan Run East in the next few days.  After today’s feedback session I’ve come to the conclusions that I’ve been a little too selfish lately and I’m totally not used to working in a group; I much prefer working alone…I still miss home despite the beauty of this place and I still know I could never live here.  It doesn’t call to me and the poison ivy just gets in the way.  I took an amazing solar shower; I feel so clean!  This work hitch is almost over.  By next Saturday this summer will be half-way through.  I’ve never been so excited to return home.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!  My dad enjoyed his phone call, not so much his brother having a stroke.  I hope he rcovers sooon…Today pretty much all I did was roll rocks down a hill which was pretty fun and I got to chop a nranch off a tree to get to a rocl.  I really enjoy using the ax.  I think I might purchase one sometime.  It could be handy in the future.  Tomorrow is the first day of sumer!  And I’ve been really conscous about HFCS lately; I think I might even phase it out soon 🙂 also got to talk to KC fora bit.  Just a little less than 7 wks until I see him and home again.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Today I weed whipped  until lunch, much to my dismay my hands cramped incredibly, my back hurt from carrying my backpack the whole time, and i have a hot spot which luckily has not turned into a blister.  The good hing about my alone time with the weed whip was I saw two deer.  The deer here are a really light brown color and there aren’t as many as there are in TX. After lunch I did hinge work and then we left.  I pretty much hiked the whole mountain today.  After work we toured the bed and breakfast.  It’s an amazing house, decorated in period everything, style and actual things from the period (1800’s).  The woman who runs it gave us a tour.  Her and her husband have been renovating it for over 20 yrs.  They both quit their jobs in Ohio to do it.  Once they saw the house they fell in love.  It is owned by the Forest Service, along with 8000 acres of land.  It’s such a beautiful place and it’s haunted!  There’s a spring house out back to keep things cool.  Summersby was filmed there.  Hollywood ripped them off.  I cost $28,000 to replaster the house after the movie and they were only reimbursed $9000.  Maize and actual slave houses were imported there to make the movie look good.  I want to watch it because I’m curious…(Done!)  After that, made an awesome chili, drank too much hot cocoa and going to bed!


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