Things I look forward to today:

Geocaching and a nice long bike ride!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Today Laura and I worked on trail restoration.  The day started pretty late but it is our fisrt day back from off-hitch, and our 3rd work hitch!!  I have to say that Muddy Run is my favorite trail so far.  It lived up to its name today with the rain; restoring rocky, muddy tread is a bit difficult.  I like this trail the most because of how beautiful it is.  It runs right along the river and there’s this one spot where a dry rock almost totally crosses the river, creating a nice bench right in the middle of the river.  I find that spot so relaxing.

I find the most relaxing spots for me are right next to rivers.  I think my love for rivers and water in general makes my graduate school degree choice an excellent idea.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I received my truffles in the mail today.  They were all melted but still delicious!  For some reason the white chocolate ones held up better than the milk or dark chocolate…I wonder why that is?  Today Laura and I worked on the restoration again.  Then John cme along and cut out way more bank than I thought we were supposed to cut.  Also when Laura and I thought we were done, John was super nit-picky about it so now we have to do all the finishig touches tomorrow.  We also discussed what we may be doing during the next work hitches.  If word from higher up say they want us to finish all fo Bogan Run, we may finsih out the summer on that one trial.  I’m cool with this I think; it means we will be moving to a different campsite on the other side of the moutnain.  I really don’t feel like roughin’ it in the backcountry so aying at a cmapiste is fine with me.  I also just finished the Fountainhead.  It was amazing.  Objectivism=Individualism; Happiness stemming from oneself; not existing for others.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tomorrow is july!  I worked on the trench all day and after digging out a stump, something I enjoy, I worked on digging and gave up on an impossible stone,  Today was probably the most unproductive day I’ve had so far; I got tired and frustrated very quickly.  then Laura and I tackled the gigantic rock and actually moved it (when Pat couldn’t haha).  We’ll still have some rock moving to do tomorrow.  I think I might look for a job when I get back home, the kind that involves sledging rocks and chopping trees with an axe…Tonight we had an oreo bonding moment.  That was the first time I laughed that hard and much all summer 🙂  Upon returning to camp after completing Americorps paperwork and finalizing my DC trip (yay!), John and I encountered a campfire which was a huge surprise; Then the group went for a look a the stars.  Gorgeous; good job western Virginia.


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