It’s Xmas break!

and I’m really enjoying the time off.  It’s funny how the pagan history of this holiday is totally ignored.

And I went over my last post the other day, sorry for all of the typos.  I guess my squigglies weren’t working so well that day 😉

Monday, July 5, 2010

Finished the restoration that Adam and I started; then lined up rocks next to the ditch for Laura to place.  After lunch I tapered the up-stream end of the ditch and dug out some rocks.  Then I quarried for the rest of the day.  Today was short because we ended with feedback (the next couple of days will be short as well).  Now I’m waiting for a supper of rice casserole and corn bread.  Hopefully afterward we have a game of Catan and ice cream!  My bicep muscles are getting so huge; this Xmas I think I’ll use most, if not all, of my $ from this summer on my saguaro tattoo (haha don’t know if that’s still happening).  I’m so excited about it!  I’m also excited about my fire set which I finally began today with a perfect river rock.  Next step is to find a curved stick…PS Add cocoa to protein powder 🙂

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Completed the drainage ditch today.  Opening it up so the water would flow was magnificent and fulfilling!  We also filled in the old drainage.  It’s still a little squishy but looks great.  Received a package from my mom today full of awesome snacks and also received a sad letter; almost cried after I read it.  Because of the letter I plan to mediate as long as I can tonight; also going to bed early so that I can wake up early tomorrow and make blueberry pancakes!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today was my first leader day.  I felt I stepped up and did pretty well.  We all went to Jackson River together.  Laura and I worked on the rock wall to create the new tread; Adam worked on digging up roots; Patrick worked on the new tread; John and Ian gathered rocks and worked on new tread later.  The music helped keep me motivated.  Also the day ended super early since we had to sharpen tools and break down camp.  At dinner and back at camp, got to tell a couple of Virginians about the trails we’ve worked on.  Also finished the Alchemist–got to keep pursuing my personal legend and listening to my heart!  Going to D.C. tomorrow; should be an exciting off-hitch.  I also realized something extraordinary today–that I don’t wish with all of my heart to return home.  I could stay quite a while longer…It’s just too beautiful here.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Yesterday’s Greyhound ride was about 4.5 hours late so we got to Washington D.C. around midnight.  The walk through the ghetto to our hotel was a bit disconcerting, but it was so nice to stretch out in a huge bed!  We did so much sightseeing today, too much actually.  It hurts to stand, my feet hurt so bad.  Oh well, we saw a bunch of cool stuff.  After reading the Fountainhead I’ve concluded that Howard Roark would hate D.C.; there is so much Greek influence here.  First we saw the massive Union Station,

the Capitol Building,

the Library of Congress and Supreme Court.Then we walked down Penn Ave a bit, passing by the National Archives.

We checked out Ford’s Theatre where Lincoln was shot.

Then we headed over to the Spy Museum which was overpriced.  Then we walked through the Willard Hotel; MLK wrote his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech here and presidents and other important people have stayed here.  Then we walked to the White House; it was a lot smaller than I imagined it.The National Geographic Museum was our next destination.  I didn’t realize da Vinci invented so many things.  Also there was an exhibit about sustainable technologies to make developing countries more sustainable.  Then we walked to Embassy Row,the Lincoln Memorial,the Korean War Memorial,WWII Memorial,and the Washington Monument.(My professor made a hilarious quip in class about the Monument being a phallic symbol, the reflecting pool as a vagina, the Lincoln Memorial as the clitoris, and the Capitol Building as the A-hole…or something like that haha)

Tried going to the Jefferson Memorial but construction and a Tidal Basin was in the way.  Then we walked over to the Forest Service exhibitsand the Holocaust Museum, which was a bit of a disappointment; the building was confusing; the exhibits we could find were crowded and there weren’t enough.  Then we walked to the Smithsonian Museum of American History.  That was really cool.  The Star Spangled Banner from 1814 was there.  A war exhibit with pieces of the Berlin Wall and the World Trade Center were there; the first American star chart was there and Apollo star memorabilia was there.  After we ate we walked over to the baseball stadium to buy some cheap tickets to the Nationals/Giants game but they were sold out.So we just walked back to the hotel and now I’m exhausted.  More sightseeing tomorrow though!