Visiting Odessa

Visiting family in Odessa for the New Year.  It’s been a good time so far.  It even snowed a little!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rode the Metro to the Museum of Natural History which was amazing!  Saw ocean animals, dinosaurs, human skeletons, bugs, animal skeletons and mammals and the Hope Diamond.  There were a bunch of exhibits I didn’t have time to get to.  Then I went to the Old Post Office Pavilion for a falafel sandwich and Ben and Jerry’s (which made my hands all sticky).  Saw the EPA building today.  Then headed over to the Air and Space Museum.  They wouldn’t let me in without confiscating my eating utensils.  I proceeded to leave the building and mope outside because I felt lonesome and dejected for not being let into the museum I wanted to see the most.  I was able to get into all of the other Smithsonian Museums without a problem; it’s not as if I brought my utensils on purpose…Oh well, the incident is not worth dwelling on.  One thing about the Metro this morning: the machine stole my $ and now I’m getting $5 in the mail! Ha!  After the museum incident, I rode the Metro to the Congressional Cemetery and found the two caches there.  Saw some graves of some famous people like J. Edgar Hoover, the first woman nominated for president and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.The cache was so clever!  It was like its own headstone.  “Here lies Geo. Cache”.So cool.  Then I rode back to the Forest Service office to get the info for the virtual cache.  I was about to ride the Metro to the Pentagon but I saw a poster advertising a Tibetan Buddhism exhibit at the Smithsonian.  Upon pursuing that lead, I encountered a closed museum…then I went to the Pentagon.  It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be; it’s incredible that a 747 only created a hole in it…After putting some bandages on my blisters I rode up to Chinatown and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe.  After another ice cream stop, I rode the subway to the hotel stop.  Attempted to find another cache at the local university but it was dark and there was a cop nearby;  I didn’t want to attract any attention.  Then I started chilling at the hotel.


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