Already busy (and a little behind)

I still have the weekend to catch up on stuff but I had to skip working out today so I could finish this week’s thesis research before I left town.  I should have time to work out every day next week (I hope).

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I’m glad parts of today are over with.  Ian threw another tantrum but he used an avoidance technique this time which I really liked.  What sucks about our hotel this time is that it’s so far away from the city that I really have to rely on wheeled transportation…but I’ll manage.  I think I finally got all the apartment issues resolved!  Now time to really relax.  Tomorrow will be an excellent day 🙂  I’ve been thinking about my position in DWB lately.  I want to expose KC to it more to see how he likes it and I want to continue my own personal practice and maybe go to a medicine Buddha retreat, but not much more than that….

Saturday, July 24, 2010

yesterday we drove to Seneca Mountains in West Virginia and took a nice stroll up to the top!

It would’ve been so amazing to climb those sandstone rocks.  We also geocached as a group which I thought was pretty fun.  Found a TB that I couldn’t take though because its final destination was in WV and I wouldn’t be able to take it there…but found some other neat prizes.  It was quite a pleasant day; no one dampened the mood.  Also after doing trail work the whole summer, the faults in this trail were relatively easy to see.  Today there is a whole lot of nothing planned so I think I will walk down the road for a couple of caches and then get left in town after lunch to explore.  That will be nice.  I wish I could talk to K.C. right now but he’s out having a crazy New Orleans trip.  I think I’ll write him a letter instead 🙂

Ran into Marlene today while walking around.  She told me all about how her group is doing.  It sounds so much more enjoyable than this crew…aand of course this crew doesn’t agree with that at all.  They don’t even like Marlene I think.  I’m feeling more homesick and lonely than ever because of this.  I feel so restricted.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Volunteer to cut firewood at a park!  Just an epiphany I had while working on the rock wall with Laura.  I worked on the wall all day today.  The 2nd half of the day was especially difficult.  None of the rocks seemed to want to place.  We may have to quarry more…Yesterday the majority decided to camp away from the campground.  I admit I was highly displeased with this decision since we now have to do more work when an alternative is obvious.  Oh well.  It just means I’ll have to sit on a cooler, do breakfast dishes on the ground, pee outside all the time and poop in a hole, none of which will be excruciating.  Also I wouldn’t see anybody else other than my crew but luckily I’m forcing myself to take walks in which I do see other people and remain sane.  Today I walked to the other campground to garner the info needed for a TB.  I will have to go back because I forgot my GPS.  This trackable challenge is an excellent excuse to camp more.  Dinner wasn’t all that great tonight.  The potatoes were almost unbearably peppery and the stir-fry had an incredible amount of onions in it.  At least I have tofu for tomorrow!  I’m sort of anxious about reading my sister’s email.  She’s making a big deal about inviting my bf to come visit.  I totally see where she is coming from which is why I have agreed to sleep separately or elsewhere but I don’t see why he shouldn’t come at all.  I don’t make it up to north TX often and I want him to meet and see people and things from my past.  Plus if it takes marriage for us to be able to visit together than I guess that will never happen…which I hope isn’t the case.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Today I worked on tread work all work day, then we cut out of work early to meet the regional forester.  She manages the forests from eastern TX to Florida and north to Virginia.  We also met Pat Sheridan, the district manager who will be visiting us again on Monday.  After the bigwigs left we talked to four guys about job opportunities.  Kurt, who may join us at work, has been working on the fire crew for awhile.  It’s tough and strenuous work but it’s rewarding and you get to travel.  Steve the wildlife biologist told us about how he volunteered with SCA on a high school crew in Big Bend.  Ever since he has been all over: Alaska, Oklahoma (reintroducing eagles)…There was also a timber guy there who told us a little about fast track: two years of job training can get you a job with the Forest Service.  They have this program because most people in the Service are old and near retirement age.  There was also a guy there in the STEPS program.  He is a full-time student who interns every summer.  He’s trying to get into training with the Hot Shots.  He’s guaranteed a job for two years after he graduates.  Working with fire sounds like an interesting career path.  I think I might look into it…

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today was a very good day.  Work seemed to go by faster than normal.  While stretching, John read us an email that Pete sent out giving us extraordinary praise for creating an impression on the regional forester.  He emphasized how few people get to meet her, even after working years in the Forest Service and we got to meet her after just a few months as interns!  One thing I learned yesterday that I forgot to write down: All of the forest and grassland in our vicinity is burned down at least every decade.  This helps create habitat for plants and animals.  In the morning Pat and I hauled shale.  This physical activity really pushed my limits.  I’m glad Pat was there to assist when I needed help.  I couldn’t have chosen a better shale-hauling partner.  We also excavated some huge rocks before lunch.  Afterwards, I swamped with John and learned so much about chainsaws and how to get certified.  Since it’s normally free I figure I might as well do it!  After swamping I just quarried rock some more.  There was one really close call where the hill got the best of me and a rock went flying.  I’m going to be uber-careful from now on.  I have 10 points in the bag for that trackable challenge.  I’m pretty sure John noticed my look of disgust when he encouraged the duo; I was peeved but it’s funny to know that he interpreted it correctly haha.  I’ve finally started whittling my spindle; it’s going to be harder and more obnoxious than I thought.


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