Last entry for my summer experience

Took me long enough eh?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I forgot my helmet this morning like a dummy.  That’s what I get for falling into a (insert illegible word here haha)! After talking to John this morning I also realized that yesterday’s reception is the most meaningful reception I’ve ever been to.  I have been to many academic receptions but academics come so easily for me that being recognized for them is not as great an accomplishment whereas this summer, doing work that I found difficult, I found recognition for my good work quite rewarding.  I worked on restoration all morning.  Then we had lunch while we waited for Dawn to come back with the paint, which took about an hour.  Then we blazed the re-route and walked it with Dawn.  We also gave her her card and she thanked us for everything, hoping to see us in the future.  I think it would be fun to bring family out here to see my work sometime in the future…

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Super short work day and only sanded a couple of tools since I went with John to the Ranger Station and got to say goodbye to Dawn, Loraine and Helen.  Also ate too much at the Country Cafe (typical).  John showed us a slide show of his pics at the Cafe.  Can’t wait to get them!  And pics from everyone else too.  John really liked his gift and saying goodbye to Ian was really sentimental.  He gave us all hugs and he was glad to receive my books.  I wish he had been able to come…

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wooooh!  Work is over and time for the beach!  The drive today was super long.  We had to stop in Roanoke to drop off the trailer and got to say goodbye to Pete.  Got a little lost after the Chesapeake Tunnel but finally made it to the park around 830pm.  We luckily got our tents set up before a huge storm rolled in.  Tomorrow is going to be super fun!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Today was a beautiful day.  Hung out at the beach.  Used a seine net.  Geocached.  Logged some campground info.  I’m so tired!  And a little mentally fatigued.  Chris never turned in the modem so I’m being billed for the service.  If he never turns it in then HE will be billed $120 for equipment cost.  That’s right, not me because I wasn’t there to take care of the situation.  I’ve had a revelation today.  Depend on no one; it only leads to suffering.  Also, I need a break from regular DWB meetings.  It stresses me out more than it relaxes me, mainly due to the people and my inability to trust them anymore.  I hope this dissipates over time.


As for the feelings towards DWB dissipating over time, that won’t happen.  Buddhism doesn’t aaswer anything sufficiently for me.

Hopefully the next several blog entries will cover conspiracy theory!  I’ll try not to delay them so long.