Countdown to Canada

This is the first official post of the monumental bicycle ride from Amarillo, TX to Canada and back featuring Jeffery and Angelika (also known as me).  Here is our approximate route:

We start in Amarillo and make our way through Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and as far north as Calgary, Canada.  There may be a side trip to Edmonton if we are inclined to take one (and if some friendly person wants to give us a ride).  We will return to the U.S. through a different port of entry and head west through Idaho and Washington.  Then we will follow the coast until San Francisco and head east through Nevada and Utah.  We turn south through Arizona and turn east, riding through New Mexico and back in Texas.  Our official end will be at Enchanted Rock State Park.  (Everyone should join us for the party! :D)  This trip should take approximately six months.  Whenever we ride through towns with public libraries I will update the blog with posts and pictures.  We are expected to leave for Amarillo this Saturday, the 11th and start the trip on the 12th.  The first few weeks will be tough.  Our pace is sixty miles a day, four days a week.  We will be traveling fully loaded–equipped with tents, sleeping bags, food, clothes, emergency supplies, bike parts, etc.  Our momentum will be determined by our insufficiently trained legs.  It will be easy to train our legs on the road since our lives will be devoted to riding for the next half year, but those first few weeks will definitely be tough, especially with the heat.  Then we will have to climb and descend the Rockies many times.  Hopefully we will hit a fair-weather coast before we journey through the desert.  As I still have many tasks to do before we depart, I will keep this post short.  If people feel like sending us well-wishes (or money 😉 ) or anything else, comment on here or send me an email at

Expect a feature on our bicycles soon!


One thought on “Countdown to Canada

  1. WOW!!! Gel its almost that time!!! I’m sooo excited for you. This will be some adventure for you two! I will think of you everyday and pray for your safe return. Love you with all my heart!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!


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