Pictures from Spring/Summer continued

Today we are going to the Butterfly Center!  I picture it as a cavernous room full of butterflies that love to land on people when they walk through 🙂

During my time here, I also saw a gaggle of giraffes,made a geocaching trip into Louisiana to drop off a travel bug,visited the San Jacinto Battleground where TX won its independence through war,completed a Chichen Itza puzzle with the nephew,unsuccessfully cached in Liberty, TX,met a silent killer at the Houston Museum of Natural Science,walked into the Gulf at Sea Rim State Park,saw some dueling rhinos at the zoo,saw plenty of gator signs,went to a drive-in movie for my birthday,and saw 250,000 bats fly from under the Waugh St. bridge!

All in all, this past month has been very eventful and quite enjoyable.  Thanks bro, sis(in-law) and the kids!


End of Spring and Summer

My month in Spring is drawing to a close.  I go back to Austin on Monday.  It’s sort of exhilarating to work on my resume and on the job search.  I’m also working on my future activities in Austin once I move there.  I’m excited about the future!  Meanwhile, here are some photos from the past month.

On my way to Spring I stopped at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historical Park where the TX Declaration of Independence was signed.I also scored a DNF on a cache somewhere on this tank:The kids and I did some science experiments including a model of the Sun, Earth, and Moon,an illustration of gravitational rotation,and gravity.I made a new friend at the zoo,and also met a chimpanzee,a monkey whose name I cannot recall,a monkey who posed for the camera,saw this crazy animal,cool jellyfish,and a cool kat.

Aaaaaand the rest of my pics are taking awhile to arrive in my email so this post will be continued!

Not really in a blog mood lately…

I think those Pecos posts took a lot out of my blogging stamina…

I am now in Spring, TX spending time with my brother, sister-in-law, and four of my nieces and nephews.  I’ll be here a little over a month and I believe I arrived on July 22.  My sis-in-law invited me to a month-long boot camp that was super cheap, dictating how long I would be here.  I arrived just before my nephew’s birthday party at the Houston Zoo (which was awesome btw; they have a very nice zoo).  The past few weeks have been full of crying, hitting, yelling, laughing, reading, dancing, playing, and a little bit of butt-wiping and diaper-changing.  Oh, and some pretty intense boot camp workouts!  I’ve enjoyed the change of pace and being able to spend so much time with the four changos as well as my bro and sis(in-law).  I’ve also visited/geocached at Lake Livingston and Martin Dies, Jr. State Park.  I’m planning another geocaching trip soon.  I have a bunch of pics that I could upload but I’m lazy right now.  Maybe after my next geocache trip….