Cosmos: Episode 1

To commemorate the awesomeness of Carl Sagan and to celebrate his birthday, I have decided to watch all of Cosmos this week (13 episodes).  I slacked yesterday so three episodes are in store for today.  I just finished Episode 1.  The first half prepares you for thinking about the cosmos, Greek for order and the interconnectedness of all things.  Thinking about the cosmos is similar to thinking about geology in terms of the sheer immensity of time and the insignificant amount of time we spend on Earth.  The rocks around us are millions of years old and the stars we see in the sky are billions of light-years away.  It’s difficult to wrap one’s head around something like that.  We are also introduced to the spaceship of the imagination, a module of intergalactic travel shaped like a dandelion seed.  The spaceship and Sagan’s acting on it is corny upon first seeing it (what wasn’t corny in the seventies? Haha) but deeper into the series, the spaceship becomes a trademark and one of my favorite things.  In episode 1 Sagan also tells us of the library of Alexandria, an incredible store of knowledge which is now lost, and also Eritosthenes (sp?), an Egyptian jack-of-all-trades who measured the circumference of the Earth using the sun, some sticks, and his brains.  And all of this is just a preview of what is to come!


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