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The job search has not treated me well, and I can feel my brain rotting from lack of productivity.  I’m reading a bajillion books at once to help keep me busy.  (I don’t know if that’s good or bad but it has worked out so far!) My introverted nature revels in the solitude of this middle-of-nowhere place.  Austin no longer has its magnetism because of rising gas prices, but being away from everything has its drawbacks.  High speed internet is lacking so I have no motivation to get anything done. I have to drive at least 20 minutes to get anywhere useful, and television does most of the talking inside of the house.  Being back in a small town atmosphere has inspired me to get more involved though. The Elgin Public Library has a book club and shows classic movies on some Fridays. Taylor has a YMCA boot camp, an animal shelter, Folklorico classes, Czech classes, a tennis association, and a few other things that sound interesting. These are good socialization opportunities. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet some fascinating old folks or a country boy who wants to take me line dancing 😉  I feel like I’m getting a little more country myself.  I’m now certified to trap cowbirds; I’m going to attempt a bird count this weekend; and I’m hoping to plant agave and grass seed soon.  Maybe I’ll have a hand in chopping down some mesquite.  This land will be mine eventually.  I should take advantage of being involved in every facet of it!

Social media is an expanding job market and I’m trying to improve my social media profile.  The first step is definitely using it more.


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