Seattle and Vancouver

This post should have happened months ago but it’s better late than never.

I took a trip to Seattle back in January and had an amazing time.  It was always cloudy, but I managed to master the bus system so I didn’t get too wet.  The sun set too early for my taste, but it is a beautiful day- and night-time city.  My first cabbie experience in America wasn’t bad and I slept through most of my Amtrak experience.  All in all, Washington would be an incredible place to live for a short time at least.  Who knows what will happen some day 😉

I spent my first day in Seattle orienting myself to the area around the hotel.  The next day I took the bus to Discovery Park along the coast (and made a few bus mistakes along the way).  It was raining the whole time but I wouldn’t let that stop me from caching!

Of course I had to visit the Hard Rock Cafe while I was there.

The Pike’s Place Market was one of my favorite places.  It’s like a big farmer’s market with vendors of all kinds.  It’s famous for the fish-throwing guys.

And the gum wall!  There’s a cache somewhere in that mess.  I couldn’t get close to it with the barriers.

I grabbed a few caches before heading into the Seattle Aquarium, including a virtual at this historic site.

The clouds parted this day and I finally had a glimpse of the mountains.

I experienced my first touch tank inside the aquarium.  (It was awesome!)  I also met another SCA volunteer inside.

All in all, I thought it was a very nice aquarium!

There were a few of these piggies around Pike Place market.

And of course I visited Groundspeak HQ while I was there!

They just moved Geocaching HQ into a new building and it’s nice!  Of course I left a few SIG items in their Geocache and bought some souvenirs.

I rode the Amtrak (for the first time) to Vancouver, Canada.  I had a hard time finding the station, and I had to get there super early, but it was worth it!

Apparently the Amtrak back from Canada had problems.  They only use one track and there was another train on it at the same time.  I slept through it all though.  We arrived in Seattle close to 2 hours late, after midnight, so I had to use a cab for the first time by myself.  No problems!

Of course, the day that I leave Seattle, there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

Before I left though, I visited Pike Place market one last time to buy tulips for my mom.


Age Songs

It has been a loooong time since my last post.  I don’t feel like giving a life update, because this next post is much more fun!

So when I was 18, I came up with this idea of age songs.  Age songs were meant to loosely represent a year of my life, and my current age must be mentioned in the song.  (If you don’t understand, you will with the following videos).  When I was thinking about publishing my age songs as a blog post, I came up with songs I could have used before I started at 18, so we will start at 14 even though I didn’t have the idea at the time.  Of course, I can’t go any earlier than that because who would write a song about a 13-year-old?

14.  New Radicals–You Get What You Give (1998)

This song is a good one for year 14.  I’m a freshman, bottom-of-the-barrel, chum.  Sure, there may only be 300 people in my high school, but it can still be a scary place.  This place doesn’t even have a playground!  I got my first real taste of independence this year.

15. Taylor Swift–Fifteen (2009)

Life before you know who you’re going to be.

16. KISS–Christine Sixteen (1977)

Okay, this song has the word sixteen in it and I was obsessed with this band around this age.  Still love ’em!

17. The Beatles–I Saw Her Standing There (1963)

The sound for this one isn’t the greatest but I wanted the band.  My favorite part of this video is Ringo!   This is another group I was obsessed with, and I would’ve been one of those screaming, crying, chasing girls in the audience.  You will still see pictures of them up in my room.

18. Alice Cooper–I’m Eighteen (1970)

This is the song that started it all.  I gotta get out of this place.  I’m eighteen, and I don’t know what I want!  I’m eighteen, and I like it!

19. Tegan and Sara–Nineteen (2007)

This song is beautiful to me, especially when you listen to the lyrics.

20. 311–I’ll Be Here Awhile (2001)

Yeah, spent a lot of time with these guys in college.  Definitely felt this while studying…

21. {Insert drinking song here}

Obviously this age means one thing for most people so there are plenty of songs to choose from, but let’s use this one for kicks:

22. Alabama Shakes–Hold On

This song didn’t come to me until late in the year, but it’s perfect!  Love this band!  Didn’t think I’d make it to 22 years old.

Year 23 hasn’t happened yet (and I don’t expect much from year 24 and on) but I already have two songs I could use for year 23.  How about we put it to a vote?  To my dedicated blog fans (of which there are few), let me know which song you would pick for year 23!

Blink 182–What’s My Age Again? (2000)

Incubus–Pardon Me (2000)