First week at Brazoria

My first week at Brazoria was a furry ball of stress!  My mom and I first got there on Saturday, after dark.  As soon as I stepped out of the car, thousands of mosquitoes started attacking me.  I couldn’t jump back in my car because I stupidly left my door open and let them inside.  As my mom searched through a truckload of my things for the bug spray, I ran around in circles trying to keep them off me.  Once covered with DEETy goodness, I had to call my neighbor for the key to my mobile home.  He had left it on his counter for us since he left town for a dance.  We get inside, did a once-over and decided to bring everything inside.  As soon as we went outside and shut the door, I realized that the door was self-locking and my key and phone were inside.  I then proceeded to break down because everything was going wrong and I was supposed to be in this horrible mosquito infested place for the next year.  My mom’s company helped me get over that.  My neighbor came home and he unlocked the door for us.  We moved everything in and cleaned the mobile home the next couple of days which would’ve taken me forever by myself (thanks mom!).  The next few days I finished cleaning, completed paperwork, met the refuge manager and my office, and took a hike and an auto tour on the refuge.  It turns out my skin can’t handle the bug spray so I need special mosquito clothing before I can hike around the refuge comfortably.  I haven’t seen any live gators yet but I have seen some cool new birds!  I also managed to set off the alarm at the Discovery Center while I was there.  I was told how to get inside and disengage the alarm, but it didn’t occur to me at first that I needed to press enter after punching in the code…The next day my power steering belt broke on my car.  I figured I could muscle my way home until my car decided to overheat because the coolant exploded out of the external reservoir.  I was parked in front of the natural gas plant when a man about to make his rounds stopped and assisted me.  He helped me call a wrecker and recommended a mechanic.  My neighbor came to pick me up and as we tried to move my car out of the way, we found out my battery had died.  Then the tow truck came and took my car away.  It was a late night (that all happened after dark).  The next day my neighbor took me into town after my car was fixed.  It turns out a loose bolt caused my power steering belt to break which caused everything else to go downhill.  I hate asking people for favors so I’m glad my neighbor is so nice.  He probably thinks I’m a ditz after all of this.  Hopefully my return to the refuge will not be so eventful…


This is a pretty scary time for me.  I live alone and hold a full-time job.  This is the beginning of my independence from my parents.  This will be an interesting time.


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