Smiles are contagious and So is the Flu

I have a great smile.  My teeth are straight and mostly white.  It’s beautiful.  When my smile is real, it joins my eyes in a reflection of my happiness.  My pearly whites are so straight because I had braces in middle school.  An orthodontist on career day actually convinced me that I wanted them.

Brace Face--Orthodontists are evil

Brace Face–Orthodontists are evil

I admit that the end result was good, but the path to it was painful.  I’ve been told that my smile lights up my face, that they love to see me smile, keep smiling.  Well, until the muscles in my face quit functioning, I plan to do just that.

Siberian Smiles

Siberian Smiles




I love my ability to sleep!  I think the only times I’ve ever had insomnia was when I was dwelling on something negative.  Or if I felt like barfing.  Or maybe both.  But any other time, I should have no trouble sleeping.  I’ve slept through lots of stuff.  I slept through a tornado in high school.  (Ok, that wind funnel was several miles away, but you’d think that I would’ve been more worried since I was in a trailer.)  I’ve slept through train troubles.  (From Canada to Seattle, I fell asleep on the Amtrak.  We were supposed to arrive before midnight.  It was well after midnight when I woke up in Seattle.)  I’ve even fallen asleep with my phone in my hand as I was about to set the next snooze.  I used to have at least 4 alarms to make sure I got out of bed.  It didn’t always work.  Maybe one of those alarm clocks that plays soothing music and shines pretty lights on the walls would work…*wink wink*  One negative is I could easily fall asleep in the middle of the day.  Thanks a lot underactive thyroid.


I’ve had many drowsy instances in a car.  That’s when I blast the music and roll the windows down, or eat some candy.  There was a period where my teeth probably didn’t appreciate that very much.  I’ve felt the need for daily naps lately.  With the start of school, I’ve been going to bed around midnight and waking up around 5:30am.  I’ve surprisingly resisted those urges to nap (even in class!) and made it through without my ideal 9 hours of sleep a night.  Yes, 9 is my sleep number.  Who knows if I’ll ever get to experience that again!


Procrastination is one of my many virtues

Is procrastination really a virtue?  I think it could go both ways.  Sometimes when I procrastinate spending money, I end up saving money!  Other times, when I procrastinate submitting a report, I supply myself with unnecessary stress.  It all seems to work out in the end though.  I don’t remember regretting anything I’ve procrastinated on so far.  I have regretted studying too much (Organic Chemistry–I’m looking at you).  **If you look at me as a role model, please disregard everything before the asterisks**

I just cut my hair.  It’s buried under a hat right now because it’s quite unkempt, but I really like my hair.  I can totally rock a bowl cut.

Rockin' it

Rockin’ it

I can fohawk it.

Fohawkin' it

Fohawkin’ it

I can even shave it all off, because I can.



Oh, and when it gets all crazy, I pretend I don’t own a mirror.

It was the wind

It was the wind

I look good in KISS hair.

Rockin' AND Rollin' it

Rockin’ AND Rollin’ it

I look good with braids.



I especially love my natural curls.

Action curls

Action curls

But it’s bob time now, and lots of accessories 😉

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

Laziness is also a virtue of mine.  It’s close friends with procrastination.  I don’t wear makeup…because I’m lazy.  I don’t have that kind of time and my natural beauty is enough.  You know the KISS rule?  (Keep It Simple Stupid) It’s the motto for the lazy.  I need to remember it when I start to make things complicated.  So much worry and time can be saved if you just KISS it.  I could’ve made this post twice as long, but I’m too lazy!  I can’t be lazy when sports and fitness enters the equation though.  But that’s for another post.







Time to dust off the old blog

2013 was a ____ year.  There really is no one word that fully explains what last year was like.  It was full of road trips, mosquitoes, geocaching, pain, beauty, new friends, despair, dirt, happiness, music, sweat, tears, food, lies, dreams, fun, creativity, laughter, booze, money, heartbreak, love, no money, family, cookies and ice cream, birds, anxiety, books, frustration…Each of these words (and I’m sure many more) encapsulates at least a part of last year.  This year will be no different in terms of a variety of experiences–my life is not boring.  I do not choose to do the same things every day.  Sleep, work, eat, repeat–I would feel sorry for anyone who could describe most of their daily life in these four words.  Of course, words like ‘heartbreak’ and ‘tears’ aren’t something I would want daily either, but a lot of that I could have controlled (to an extent) this past year.  There were moments I could be quite negative…That’s why this blog is re-surfacing.  This year is all about the positive.  This year I’m focusing on me and being myself despite what others might think.  I’m giving myself every right to be completely selfish.  Every day I plan to write something positive about myself.  362 lovely things about me.  It will be a little daunting, especially when my days can truly be described as crazy, but this year really feels like the start of something amazing!  That’s a pretty positive note to end on, don’t you think? 😉Happy_smiley_face