Time to dust off the old blog

2013 was a ____ year.  There really is no one word that fully explains what last year was like.  It was full of road trips, mosquitoes, geocaching, pain, beauty, new friends, despair, dirt, happiness, music, sweat, tears, food, lies, dreams, fun, creativity, laughter, booze, money, heartbreak, love, no money, family, cookies and ice cream, birds, anxiety, books, frustration…Each of these words (and I’m sure many more) encapsulates at least a part of last year.  This year will be no different in terms of a variety of experiences–my life is not boring.  I do not choose to do the same things every day.  Sleep, work, eat, repeat–I would feel sorry for anyone who could describe most of their daily life in these four words.  Of course, words like ‘heartbreak’ and ‘tears’ aren’t something I would want daily either, but a lot of that I could have controlled (to an extent) this past year.  There were moments I could be quite negative…That’s why this blog is re-surfacing.  This year is all about the positive.  This year I’m focusing on me and being myself despite what others might think.  I’m giving myself every right to be completely selfish.  Every day I plan to write something positive about myself.  362 lovely things about me.  It will be a little daunting, especially when my days can truly be described as crazy, but this year really feels like the start of something amazing!  That’s a pretty positive note to end on, don’t you think? 😉Happy_smiley_face


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