Procrastination is one of my many virtues

Is procrastination really a virtue?  I think it could go both ways.  Sometimes when I procrastinate spending money, I end up saving money!  Other times, when I procrastinate submitting a report, I supply myself with unnecessary stress.  It all seems to work out in the end though.  I don’t remember regretting anything I’ve procrastinated on so far.  I have regretted studying too much (Organic Chemistry–I’m looking at you).  **If you look at me as a role model, please disregard everything before the asterisks**

I just cut my hair.  It’s buried under a hat right now because it’s quite unkempt, but I really like my hair.  I can totally rock a bowl cut.

Rockin' it

Rockin’ it

I can fohawk it.

Fohawkin' it

Fohawkin’ it

I can even shave it all off, because I can.



Oh, and when it gets all crazy, I pretend I don’t own a mirror.

It was the wind

It was the wind

I look good in KISS hair.

Rockin' AND Rollin' it

Rockin’ AND Rollin’ it

I look good with braids.



I especially love my natural curls.

Action curls

Action curls

But it’s bob time now, and lots of accessories 😉

Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac

Laziness is also a virtue of mine.  It’s close friends with procrastination.  I don’t wear makeup…because I’m lazy.  I don’t have that kind of time and my natural beauty is enough.  You know the KISS rule?  (Keep It Simple Stupid) It’s the motto for the lazy.  I need to remember it when I start to make things complicated.  So much worry and time can be saved if you just KISS it.  I could’ve made this post twice as long, but I’m too lazy!  I can’t be lazy when sports and fitness enters the equation though.  But that’s for another post.








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