Short and Sweet

Who gets the award for postponing the most blog posts?  Me!  I love awards, but expect more effort from me soon…

I used to be that person who bottled everything up and put everyone else ahead of her own well-being.  I’ve already come to realize how unhealthy that is.  Habits don’t change overnight, but I’ve certainly made huge strides in that department.  Selfishness is an act of sanity.  And expressing yourself to other people is such a huge relief!  We all go through highs and lows that share many commonalities.  This brings people closer together in this crazy, mad world of ours and strengthens bonds.  How lovely is that?

I don’t deal with BS in the same way.  I don’t like complaining but telling someone else about the ridiculousness I’m going through can be quite gratifying.  I can tell them what I want to actually do (e.g. tell a few people how they’re wasting my time or how dumb they’re being) and that person I’m admitting this to can reign in my impulsiveness before I make a bad decision hahaha I love the listeners in my life 🙂

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