Consciousness, Carcinogens… and Condoms.

Carcinogens in your unmentionables 😉

Teens Turning Green Blog

“A lot of us are very focused on eating organic food, not using toxic skin care, yet somehow only 19% of single young women are using condoms regularly.” – Meika Hollender, Co-founder of Sustain

Today, Teens Turning Green, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, and Sustain are launching a campaign to raise awareness about a common household carcinogen you might not know about… it’s called Nitrosamine.

What are Nitrosamines?  They are chemical by-products that form during the rubber manufacturing processes. Latex (the material most condoms are made from) is actually made form the sap of rubber trees. Essentially, conventional condoms are likely to contain some amount of this cancer causing toxin that can be absorbed by the body… especialy such a sensitive part of the body.

Is this news to you? It certainly was news to me! I sat down with Sustain condoms co-founder and Marketing Director, Meika Hollender to get myself sorted.

C to C:…

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