Don’t Push the River


This is a concept I’ve always struggled with.  I’ve always felt the need to rush things, because I want what I want right now.  I can’t waste time waiting.  But this mindset is flawed.  There is never a lack of time.  Time is constant, limitless, infinite.  It will go on after me just like it went on before me.  I have all of the time in the world.  It’s what I do with that time that matters.  If I am happy in these limitless minutes, was that time really a waste?  It’s only when I uphold myself to certain standards that I’m unhappy.

I’m not a straight-A student.  My bank account is meager.  I have not found the love of my life.  My arms are jiggly.  There are so many skills I haven’t learned yet.**************** I don’t need a perfect GPA, because I love to learn.  I don’t need money to be rich, and I will never go without my basic needs.  The love of my life is waiting out there somewhere; meanwhile I can love myself and experience the unconditional love of my family and close friends.  My triceps might jiggle, but my biceps are amazing and I can do an upward dog like nobody’s business.  I have sooo many skills already and plenty of time to learn more.

It’s funny how a simple change of mindset can make everything look bright and shiny.


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